New Website, New Products, New Packages!

Hello! Welcome to the first blog post on the newly revamped website! I've been working hard to bring together something organic, creative, personalized and enjoyable. I understand time with your loved ones or doing what you love is valuable and often never long enough. Which is why I'm building a photography company that aims to capture You and Your family, but also help you along the way. 

The blog will be updated fortnightly and hopefully act a starting platform for a community of families to connect and help each other out. I'll be posting about ideas on where to take the families on a holiday, what to cook them this week, games to play, our favourite local parks, etc. I'm based in the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne so if you have a local business I can help promote or visit please let me know. There will be a comment section at the bottom of all posts. You are welcome to add your own ideas, inspiration and feedback.

I will keep this first post short and sweet. I just wanted to say hello, let you know I'm listening and if you have any suggestions on what you would like to read about feel free to comment or contact me via the connect link.

Lea. Xoxo